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Giants general manager search: Mike Francesa of WFAN-AM Lobbying To Be A candidate?

According to sources retiring sports talk show host Mike Francesa of WFAN -AM of NY radio is lobbying to become the next General Manager of the NY Giants.  The Giants’ general manager search has already begun, but it’s unlikely to be completed anytime soon.

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Like with a head coaching search, the Giants cannot interview any individuals currently employed by other teams until after the regular season is over. Unlike the head coaching search, the rules for securing the ability to interview those candidates can be trickier.

Knowing this we are told that’s where Francesa is lobbying to the Giants of his so called high football IQ and his past relationships with a few former and present winning football head coaches.  Many folks think he is delusional but some thought it was delusional for him to have become a highly paid sports talk show host.

Maybe he will shock us and get the job, then shock us more by hiring Mr. Steroids( Alex Rodriquez) as the Giants football coach.


Jimbo Fisher Resigns!  A STONE & Digital Dave Special on Sunday December 10 at 5 PM on WVFT 93.3 FM. Why Winning and Tradition Blinded FSU Authorities From This Football  DEFECTOR?

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There’s a new Best Job Available on the block, and it’s Florida State. With Jimbo Fisher high-tailing it out of Tallahassee the job is now open, and it’s going to be an attractive option to a lot of coaches around the country.

It’s one of the premier programs in one of the nation’s best conferences, and you can win national titles at Florida State. But who will be the coach Florida State tabs to try to win them?


Eli Manning Benched By The Giants…….Boo Hoo..hoo!

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One of the most overrated QB ever, gets benched.  Some Giant fans and the biggest Eli Manning  fan Radio host Mike Francesa cry foul.  Look at Eli’s body of work.  Yes, he has two Superbowl rings.  However if you analyze those two Superbowl games the Giants had a monster defense and great receivers. Eli who is an slightly above avg was also the benefactor of some good fortunes, flukey plays and bad ref calls.

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Is this Eli’s treatment the big payback for him and his Daddy being a baby and saying they would refuse to play for the San Diego Chargers years back at the draft?  And what is up with Mike Francesa?  The way Francesa  was balling and babbling you would Thing Eli Manning is the greatest QB or  best Athlete in the world? Oh, we forgot Alex Rodriguez is!

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Baker Mayfield True Thug and Hoodlum. Good for the Browns? Giants? The NFL?

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This guy is your street thug! One GM compared him to Johnny Manziel.  This is true! However the big difference in  the comparison of them  both being duel threat qb’s is unlike Manziel he looks to throw before he runs

Recently, 49ers G.M. John Lynch compared Mayfield to Johnny Manziel during a visit to the Haberman & Middlekauff podcast. In the good way.

“He’s got some special qualities to him. He reminds a lot of people of Manziel and kind of has those qualities, he’s a good football player,” Lynch said. “I see a little Favre in him, I think the passion he played the game with. You always get yourself in trouble when you say ‘I see a lot of Favre in him.’ No, he’s not Brett Favre yet but that guy loves the game of football, people seem to gravitate towards him so he’s got that special skill set both the tangible things he can do — he throws the football extremely well, he can move around — but he also, there’s something special about that kid, you can see it.”

Mayfield has some comparisons to Manziel, whose competitiveness morphed into obscene gestures during his first nationally-televised performance in the 2014 preseason, against Washington. Mayfield surely hopes to undo any short-term or long-term damage to his football career with his lay-it-on-thick/say-all-the-right-things apology.

The incident and the aftermath nevertheless will become a red flag for Mayfield during the pre-draft process, since any team that rolls the dice on Mayfield and in turn sees him do the kind of things he did on Saturday won’t be able to say they didn’t know he might act that way.

Mayfield will can be a very good player in the NFL for the right team and right coach. He would be a better fit for no nonsense coaches with teams who need a qb!


Jameis Winston To Be Rejoined  with Florida State University Coach Jimbo Fisher?

University of Florida? U of Tennessee? Texas A & M?  How About The Tamapa Bay Buccaneers?

Despite  the following quotes by Florida State University president John Thrasher made it clear head football coach Jimbo Fisher will keep his position as long as he desires.

“Jimbo’s here forever,” Thrasher said, per Tia Mitchell of the Florida Times-Union (h/t Dane Belbeck of The Score). “You know, as long as he wants to be, he’s good. He’s as good as gold. He’s going to be here.”

The comments come after Dan Wolken of USA Today reported Wednesday Texas A&M is expected to eventually part ways with head coach Kevin Sumlin and “inquire about the interest level” of Fisher.

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Wolken clarified “Fisher has never given serious consideration to leaving Florida State previously, rebuffing interest from LSU the last two years.”

However, a source noted the coach has a relationship with current Texas A&M athletics director Scott Woodward, who was an administrator at LSU in 2000 when Fisher was hired as an offensive coordinator for the Tigers.

Wolken noted they have remained in touch since.

The speculation comes during a disastrous 2017 campaign for Fisher’s Seminoles. They are a mere 3-6 and need to win their final three games just to ensure bowl eligibility. The team hasn’t bounced back from the season-ending injury quarterback Deondre Francois’ suffered in the opening contest against Alabama.

Still, Fisher has amassed an 81-23 record at the school and won the final BCS championship game in the 2013 season. He also led Florida State to the College Football Playoff the following campaign and won the Orange Bowl against Michigan last season.

Jimbo Fisher has many clauses and options in his contract.  And one of them is opting out to the pros.  The Buccaneers will more than likely be looking for a new coach soon. Who can argue with a Winston Fisher reunion to make Tampa good again.


Why the New England Patriots Bill Billichick Traded Jimmy Garoppolo!

Bill has done it again!  He gets the 49ers second round pick which is like a late 1st round as bad as the 49ers are playing it should be the 34th pick. Why the trade?  The Patriots see a QB they like in the 2018 draft.  They have have more to offer for a higher pick to get him.  They will draft the QB they like while Brady plays for at two more years.

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Peyton Manning Accuser Speaks Out! But Where is the Media Uproar of Kevin Spacey Allegedly Molesting A Young Boy?

The new wave of sexual assault and harassment allegations has inspired Peyton Manning’s accuser to again speak out.  The war on celebrity men is here unless they molest a young boy and there name is Kevin Spacey.

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Jamie Naughright, who was an athletic trainer at the University of Tennessee while Manning was the star quarterback, spoke to CBS’ “Inside Edition” about the 1996 incident in which she alleges Manning exposed himself to her, then placed his genitals on her face.

Manning has admitted to “mooning” a teammate as a 19-year-old with Naughright present, but for decades has denied making contact with her, denials that his lawyer continued issuing Monday.

Asked about Manning’s contention that he never touched her, Naughright said, “That’s a lie.


Harvey Weinstein, Steven Segal, Bill Cosby, Bill O’Riley, and TV Male Sexual Harassment! Is there a Double Standard? A Gay Double Standard?

ESPN has a openly gay male host on one of their shows call Sports Nation.  We all know he is gay because he usually tells the world daily that he is. Any gay theme issue he makes his presence known as  LZ Granderson gay advocate!  On his show he is the first one to make light of sports figures but is uptight if someone questions his lifestyle.

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The point here,remember the backlash and uproar over Brent Musburger going Zooxie over, at that time, the Alabama’s QB’s girlfriend Katherine Webb looks. Musburger was nearly salivating while he was on the air about her. .  He mentioned how pretty she was!  Yet this LZ Granderson constantly  goes Zooxie and salivates about how he feels some of the male athletes  good looks he is covering.  He has even done so, about upcoming male guests stating he thinks they are good looking.


Image result for images of katherine webb and brent Musburger                 Image result for images of katherine webb and brent Musburger

When Bill O’Riley did this to some of his female co-hostess and female guests he was called a pig, a sexist and even bordering on sexual harassment? Why the double Standard?Image result for images of bill O'reilly


NCAA Football TOP 5

  1. Penn State- They beat good teams badly.

  2. Alabama- They beat bad teams badly.

  3. Georgia – A team that is great or because they play in the WEAK SEC.

  4. Miami- playing in probably the best division (ACC) in football.

  5. TCU a slight edge over Wisconsin who has not played a very good team yet,


Just Shut the Heck Up!!!


Colin Kaepernick shut your trap and you just might get back in. Let’s face it if Kaepernick really wanted to play he could have given back the 18 million he got this year for not playing and played for the Canadian Football League. But no! He would rather sit and keep the money. I don’t blame him but shut up and spend your money. Now in his defense the ignorant haters need to stop, Kaeper is better than any 2nd or 3rd string QB in the NFL and maybe quite a few of the starters. So you guys shut up too.


DDpix35 TOP Five in College Football

  1. Alabama
  2. Georgia
  3. Penn State
  4. TCU
  5. Ohio State

Oh Where oh where is Clemson? Hmmmm Stone Forum!!!



Making progress: Tiger Woods tweets video hitting a driver! But Who Cares!

Tiger Woods continues to work on his golf game in the wake of his return from rehabilitation following his DUI arrest in May.

On Sunday, the 14-time major champion posted a video of him hitting his driver, with the caption “Making Progress.” It followed an Oct. 7 post that touted “Smooth Iron Shots” and an Aug. 31 post that read: “Dr. gave me the ok to start pitching.”

Tiger Woods continues to work on his golf game in the wake of his return from rehabilitation following his DUI arrest in May.

Image result for bad images of tiger woods  Image result for images of tiger woods yelling

The video clip shows Woods in his customary Sunday red shirt, with black shorts swinging a club. The Legend of Tiger Woods is about finished.  At One time despite he seemed like a Superhuman, and we were all in awe even folks who rarely followed golf.

Despite treating many of his fans like horse crap (*Stone & Digital Dave exposed the way he treated fans way before the incident with his wife see our videos).  When you play beyond belief you can continue to be a nasty person and still have fans beyond belief.

Tiger now is an average golfer. He is considered a rogue in some circles. Now some of those adoring fans you walked by, yelled at, refused to sign autographs and pushed out the way are hoping you continue in misery. His fan base has shrunk.  Maybe when he comes back he’ll treat the loyal fans that still support him better!

* 2009  Classic STONE and Digital Dave exposing Tiger Woods:


Fake! Phony! Counterfeit! Spurious! Sham! Fagazie! A true Bogusity!


I will never forget this event it was 6pm a cold day in November and at the dinner table parents tell a little 8 year old boy with blue eyes, sandy brown hair with blond highlights that Santa Clause was not real and they were placing our toys under the Christmas tree. To make things worse they also told him the Easter Bunny didn’t really lay colored eggs. With tears in his eyes from this deception he yelled NOT TRUE! Sorta like you will be yelling when you finished reading this article. Well that little boy was me and what they told me was true and I hate to be the bearer of the BAD NEWS! But! The NFL is Fake! A scripted sports event!


Not since the last time I saw a bad episode of M.A.S.H have I seen a more poorly scripted fiasco as the Patriots v. the Buccaneers game it made WWE look like a Vietnam documentary. Where in the world can a 40 year old man out play a 23 year old boy in anything? Chess maybe! And a professional place kicker miss 3 field goal tries from a makeable distance. No Where! But the NFL will have you believe just that. Between bad calls and obvious dropped makeable catches the Bucs fell short just as scripted so these band of bums can make it to the playoffs. Shocking I know but someone has to let you all so you know the truth. I know you are all saying say it aint so Digital Dave but sorry it is! Years from now I will be expecting a public apology saying I was right all along. Thank You in advance!



Hey! Put my job where your mouth is!!!


If and I say if the NFL was serious about unity then why is Colin Kaepernick still out of a job? Let’s face it he was the one that started this protest and every team shunned him and black listed him. So now that all teams are on board with the protest why is Colin still out of a job? You can’t have it both ways he should be able to play in the NFL. Ya think?


The STone Forum!

Rick Pitino Let Go By Louisville! And Another Scandal Is Investigated! The Call We Refused To Accept!

They wanted to plug his book.  They wanted to promote his career. They wanted him to use us to have exposure in the markets we worked in.  Despite our competitors promoting his causes and celebrating his successes as a coach we always felt that Rick Pitino was tainted in his ways. Image result for images of Rick pitino

This is not to say that being in this business that we have not had tainted people and celebrities on our radio show. In Pitino’s case we just did not feel good having him on our show.

Ric Flair! Woooooooooah!


Wrestling legend Ric Flair may have once commanded the ring – but after the cameras turned off, things “just got out of control.”

Decades of “social” drinking finally caught up with the 16-time pro wrestling world champion this year, landing him in the hospital and near death last month.

“I crashed in an airplane and broke my back, I’ve been hit by lightning,” Flair tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue. “But this is totally different. Anything I’ve been through before is nothing like this.”

On Aug. 11, the 68-year-old was rushed to the hospital with stomach pains. Within hours, Flair was in the early stages of kidney failure and on the verge of congestive heart failure – the result of years of alcohol abuse.


Digital Dave’s Top 5 College Picks Week 3

Top 5 college

  1. Alabama
  2. Clemson
  3. Oklahoma
  4. Penn State
  5. USC



NFL Offices to the NY Jets, Minnesota Vikings, and Several Other Unamed Teams:  “At Least Give Colin Kaepernick A Tryout!”

The NFL fearing some backlash from a few fans, players and now even white players are urging the Jets and Vikings to at least give Kaepernick a tryout.  The Jets are in a QB chaos and Sam Bradford’s injury might be worse than thought.  Image result for images of colin kaepernickImage result for images of NFL commissioner

Colin Kaepernick may be the victim of “black-balling” after protesting the national anthem last season, but a quarterback crisis on a losing team or QB injury ridden teams could pave the way for his return to the NFL or at Least given a tryout!  Roger Goodall is in a tough position his contract is up and he wants to keep harmony with the players but realizes a few owners have not been enamored by Kaepernick’s antics.


NFL Power Rankings Week 2

Pats #1 Brady 3 TD’s in the first quarter. Digital Dave Said this guy was on the downside? Falcons #2 blowing out the Pack.                                                                                                Bucs #3 Takeaways, dominating defense and Jameis Winston.                                                 Lions #4  Strattfod is looking the MVP and the defense is good.                                     Steelers # 5 Big Ben and improved defense.



Coming Soon the Annual STONE & Digital Dave List of the Most Overrated QB’s in the NFL!  You will be surprised by our picks and order.

Image result for images of eli manningImage result for images of aaron RodgersImage result for images of philip riversImage result for images of carson PalmerImage result for images of Jay cutler


The Old Guard may have to move over?


With basically no pressure from KC, Tom Brady, Stone’s Mr. Wonderful, Mr. Perfect and according to Stone the best QB that ever played fell short in Pats season opener. With a three man rush all game Brady may have made 50% of his throws and only 1 down field completion. Even the signature Brady dinks and dunks were not working. The fact there were no down field phantom calls may be why they didn’t get the win. What happens when a sacking defense comes in and Brady ends up on his seat 5 times in a game. Answer, games lost my prediction no return to the Super Bowl and maybe Brady will not finish the season. Tom you are too old retire before you get hurt!


Digital Dave’s Top Five College Football Picks

  • Alabama
  • Clemson
  • Ohio State
  • Penn State
  • USC

Colin Kaepernick’s Mom breaks Her Silence!

Colin Kaepernick has been making headlines recently for his refusal to stand during the National Anthem. He has publicly stated that by sitting, he was standing up for minorities who are oppressed every day. It has caused a lot of public outrage, and perhaps the harshest response came from his own mother.

Image result for images of colin kaepernick

Colin’s birth mother is Heidi Russo, who happens to be white. She had him at 19 years and could not afford to provide for him and raise him properly. Colin’s biological father was an African American who had already left Heidi before Colin was even born.

Heidi has actually made headlines along with her estranged son, by criticizing Colin of embarrassing himself and shaming America and his family by his actions.  She took to Twitter to lecture her son, tweeting at him directly and using hashtags like #besmarter and #berespectful.


Does anybody really think that the Alabama really Has A Chance Of Beating Florida State On September the 2nd?

Facts show that here’s one conference that had a winning record versus Power Five teams [in 2016]: the ACC,” Clemson coach Dabo Swinney said at the ACC Football Kickoff. “One conference had a winning record versus ranked teams: the ACC. We had 11 bowl teams. We were 10-4 versus the SEC.  Image result for images fsu alabama

There’s a reason why we have played so well. We’ve won five bowl games in a row, and you know, I mean, it’s not because I’m some great coach. I’ve got a good staff and all that. We’ve had good players. It’s what we practice against every day, and it’s what we play against week in and week out.” Florida State’s Jimbo Fisher shares those same sentiments!  Checkout the Stone & Digital Dave show starting in September on WVFT, and they will give you more reasons why the ACC is the supreme conference in college football!



Mayweather and McGregor throw down? Who cares?


Boxing interest is just about dead in 2017 and UFC is just too violent. But this watered down fight might be the most unwatchable event since the Bobby Riggs and Billie Jean king match up. Aging Mayweather should be no match for MMA champ McGregor but since it will be in the boxing venue only, Mayweather might have a very slight chance to pull off a win. I have little to no interest in watching a pay per view bill for this one. To be frank I for one may never see this one. Boxing just is not what it used to be and may never be again because of the bloodlust of MMA fighting. This fight is just like a fighter with his hands tied fighting against a Grandpa-ish past boxing great. Don’t waste your time or money on this one. It’s a lose, lose for McGregor, ya beat Grandpa his boo. Ya lose to Grandpa you are a bum.





OK gang this is why Trump’s concern on opiates is needed, because articles like this. The Stone forum writers what’s up? Jets to the playoffs? Super Bowl? You guys need to put down the pills and the booze chaser. The Jets with 3 no name QB’s are going nowhere and they could have the Steele curtain, the Green machine or the purple people eaters and with a marginal QB at the helm they are going to win four games at best. So you delusional would be Jet fans don’t get your hopes up on one preseason game. Stone forum writers you should know better opiates are not good when writing.



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The STone Forum!

NY JETS Super Bowl Bound and Other NFL pre-season notes.

Best of Pregame: Jets vs. Titans

Really?  You might think that we are writing this on medication? No we really believe there is a remote possibility the NY Jets will be better than anticipated.  Does anyone remember the 1986 Bears or the 2001 Ravens?  Teams with sub par offenses with great dominating defenses.  It was only pre-season game one but the Jets 1st, 2nd and even 3rd team players looked devastating against the very talented Tennessee Titans.  Issues that might help the Jets?  Maybe the greatest QB of all time Tom Brady slips a bit at 40? The Dolphins with Jay Cutler is what he is, a mediocre under 500 QB. And the Bill are the Bills an average football team. The Jets then come out the east like a beast and surf through the playoffs.  So NY Jets there is hope for the 2017 season just if it is off one preseason game.  You can all dream until the season starts.

All the rookie qb’s  from the past draft fared fair to well.  None of them look lost of course playing against vanilla and simple defenses.


STONE & Digital Dave Back on the Radio!

Florida State? Alabama? USC? Ohio State? Who will be #1 college Football team?  We are topical entertainment! Sports, politics, Tabloid Trash, NFL picks, NCAA Football Top Ten, and the leading democrat for 2020 prez all this and more!


                          Kap’s Big Fro a No Go?


What is wrong with this picture? Now with 90 plus QB positions available in the NFL how in the world is Geno Smith on a roster and Colin kaepernick can’t find a team to use his skills. So the NFL owners are telling us the ticket buying fans that kaepernick is not better than any 3rd string QB in the NFL This is why I will watch very little NFL football this season. The NFL stinks on ice.



Green’s on court antics have spilled to the streets


Green Road Warrior?

Wonder if the Stone Forum approves of this? A former Michigan State football player who says he was punched in the jaw by Draymond Green last summer has filed a lawsuit against the NBA star, and Green is confident the suit will go nowhere.

Jermaine Edmondson told reporters on Tuesday that he was attacked by Green and some of Green’s friends at an East Lansing bar on July 10, 2016. Green was arrested after the incident, but Edmondson says his life has been in shambles since.

“Even though he was the one who got arrested, it was my name that got dragged through the mud,” Edmondson said, “People made fun of me online and in person. Fans of Draymond, MSU and the Warriors started threatening me, and I no longer felt safe on campus.”

The altercation between Green and Edmondson supposedly began the night before Green slapped the ex-football player. Green, a Michigan State alum who has donated a lot of money to the school, allegedly taunted Edmondson and said he paid for the football player’s scholarship.


The STone Forum!

Tim Tebow now is hitting game-winning homers!

Tim Tebow hit a walk-off solo homer with one out in the seventh inning, as the St. Lucie Mets topped the Daytona Tortugas 5-4 in the second game of a doubleheader on Thursday.

Image result for images of tim tebow baseball footballImage result for images of tim tebow baseball footballTebow got such a raw deal in football.  We all remember that magical run with the Broncos as he led them to miracle wins and even won a playoff game.  Over 75% of quarterbacks in the NFL still have not won a playoff game (including back-ups). Tebow fans there is hope!  It  might not be football but baseball this time! It is doubtful the Mets will make the playoffs this season.  Just maybe…Just Maybe, they will call up Tim Tebow in August and all of baseball and it’s fans will experience some form of TEBOW-MANIA.  What the NFL and all America experienced in 2011! It was one wild ride.  How quickly the NFL owners and coaches forgot!



Major League Keeping it WHITE!

Here we go, about 10 years ago my friend who happens to be black told me a shocking tale. He said don’t be surprised if in a few years Major League Baseball will be all but completely made up of white Americans and some foreigners. I said he was crazy and he was paranoid about racism. He said no it was going on at the grassroots level and black youths were being dissuaded to play in the little leagues and at the grammar school level and high school. He said the coaches would put in inferior white players and bench black players even though they were more talented. I told him he was crazy and didn’t think about any more until now.

Watching the Major League all-star game I was shocked of the line ups and the white players, black players and the Latin Players ratio. It was amazing because in most pro sports aside hockey black players usually dominate and might be in the majority. The powers that be did their job on keeping it white. Not since the Negro league has the black player suppression done its job on keeping black players out of the majors. Well one might ask but there are a lot of Spanish speaking players, right? Well that is because those players learn the game in their countries and they are not held back because of their African blood line. You would think in this day and age this could never happen in America.

Jackie Robinson must be spinning in his grave to the fact American Pro baseball has reverted to the racist olden days. I am ashamed to admit it but my friend was right MLB has squashed the black players at the lowest entry level and they may be out of baseball for good. Black people who want to get their kids playing, start up your own leagues and eventually start a new Negro League or Black Baseball League. If the players are better the people want to see greatness and they will come to see them. I hope this article has open some people’s eyes and let them know racism is alive and well in America. It’s a shame we are better than that!


The Stone Forum, Stone has been drinking that Patriot Kool-Aid for years, hey Stone put the drink down. When Brady was suspended for Deflate-gate he cried for weeks no he really cried tears. Those Pats bums can do anything and Stone will swear to it. Get the duck butter out your eyes and re-watch those games. Keep a box of Kleenex with you when you see the truth through those tears. Deflate-gate, cameras stealing signs and plays the Pats are dirty and Brady is the biggest dirtball of all. Truth hurts!

The STONE forum!

Tom Brady Best QB of All -Time!

Why  I have  the utmost respect for my radio/TV buddy Digital Dave, his latest column must have been written when he fell asleep in front of the TV and woke up to  the scary sight of Rosie O’Donnel on the new Match Game.  It might have been because he forgot when he took a dose of Nyquil and accidentally overlapped them.  What he saw in the last three super bowls were outstanding games, human error in judgement, possibly the best NFL coach of all time and clearly the greatest QB of all-time in Tom Brady.  He was at his greatest when he picked a part a defense that befuddled him for one half of football.  Digital Dave this isn’t the fake WWE, Fake Reality TV or even the fake news of CNN.

Image result for images of bill belichick and Tom Brady

This the NFL. The league men play for pay.  When a NFL team has Bill Belichick and Tom Brady as  coach and QB, most times they are in every game until the clock runs out.  In contrast to DD you will see great in depth and analysis from this writer Stone.



OK gang football season is about 6 weeks out and I don’t know about you but I am disgusted with the last 3 super bowls they just plain stunk the place up.  I don’t know if it is the illuminati, greedy owners or just plain scam-duggery.  But when 2 phantom holding calls called down field and non-calls for the prevailing team smells to high heaven. When the previous year the bowl goes to the old warhorse and not the high powered stud something is amiss. Not to mention when the QB throws a pass on the 1 yard line with 10 seconds to go with the winning score on the line for an INT. Even when he had the best back in the league and failed to use him for the win. Wilson was throwing something and I think it was the game.

That is why Digital Dave is boycotting this season and will turn my writing attention to the college football season. At least I know it is too hard to plan and throw games.

I am very disappointed in the NFL to allow these obvious game fixing shenanigans to go on in their most sacred game. Not since deflate-gate have I been so miffed with the NFL. Don’t look for any coverage from me DD on the NFL until they get their act together and make the game about the best wins on any given Sunday. And not the old-guard players get to go out on a win on the biggest pro game in the world. 

NFL Stinks on Ice!!! 


NBA not again when will this STOP!


The Rockets guard signed a four-year extension with the organization, team owner Leslie Alexander announced Staurday.

“Houston is home for me,” Harden said. “Mr. Alexander has shown he is fully committed to winning and my teammates and I are going to keep putting in the work to get better and compete for the title.”

According to ESPN the deal is worth a whopping $228 million. Previously, Warriors star Stephen Curry had the biggest contract extension after he recently signed a four-year deal worth $201 million.

Once the extension starts in 2019, Harden will start earning $37.8 million, with his annual salary going up to $40.8 million, $43.8 million and $46.8 million over the next three seasons.

He averaged 29.1 points, 11.2 assists, and 8.1 rebounds per game while helping the Rockets secure the third seed in the NBA playoffs last season.

Houston, which had a 55-27 mark last season, has also made the playoffs each of the five years Harden has been on the team. But He still not worth 40+ a year.


The STone Forum!

The Next Great White Hope? Gordon Hayward Signs With the Celtics?

It is already happening!  In some communities of Boston they are referring to Gordon Hayward as the next Larry Bird.  One fan who was white even said the great White Hope is here.  While Gordon Hayward is an all-star player he is no Larry Bird!  His best stats are pale in comparison to Larry Bird’s with  this seasons best 21.9 points, 3.5 assists 5.9 rebounds a game.Image result for images of Gordon Hayward celtics
Hayward might be getting paid better than Larry Bird ever did. But he is clearly does not have the talents of a Larry Bird!  Boston should leave race out of it and realize Hayward is not Bird, just because he is white. He is a major talent.  Unlike Bird who had Robert Parrish and Kevin McHale, Hayward needs much more talent around him than Bird for the Celtics to  get past the Warriors or even the Cavs, Wizards and Pacers.


The NBA owners have lost their collective minds


I know salaries are relative to the times we are living in but 40 million a year for shooting a ball through a steel hoop. Insane reasoning! We pay our leader of the free world who has the nuke codes a little over 400k a year.  Seems the old adage that the clowns and the jesters will be paid more than the Kings. Hey it is their money but is it really a ticket for a good seat at a simple pro basketball game is over $100. Who can afford that and not to mention the high price of snacks? A family of four ends up paying over $500 for one night of possible fun. The last time I went to a game the superstar player didn’t even play.  I guess it will be a night with remote and some popcorn to see these 100 million dollar players. To tell the truth the games are better on TV anyway.

No and I mean no sports star is worth 40 million a year in my opinion.


The STONE forum!

Steph Curry Signs A Record $200 million Extension With The Golden State Warriors!

The 2nd Greatest Basketball Player on the planet has just signed a record deal with no options.  There is a 5 yr commitment by the Warriors to play out what could be a few more titles in the team’s future by extending  the 29 year old Curry.  And if you are familiar with the thoughts of Stone of the Stone and Digital Dave show you should know that methinks Kevin Durant is the best player on the planet!  Image result for images of steph curry with trophy

Curry (25.3 PPG, 6.6 APG, 4.5 RPG)  He’s been in three straight Finals, he’s won two titles and two MVP awards, and he’s missed only five games in each of the past five seasons. Now the focus will be on Durant and they have already just resigned Andre Iguodala. The Warriors can build on a dynasty providing they are able to make sure Klay Thompson’s role does not diminish even more.  It was Curry and Thompson’s crazy three point shooting that helped the Warriors to win at playing small ball prior to Durant’s arrival.



Chris Paul to the Rockets ummmm, I don’t think adding Paul to the Rockets makes them that much better, it might just hurt them. Harden is the general of the Rockets and bringing in another general might water down the other. Harden needs the ball in his hands and Paul will cut that control in half. I feel the Clippers are a better team if Paul couldn’t get to the promise land with them how will he do it with the Rockets?




Who is the best NBA player in history? According to mister know it all Digital Dave

Now that the NBA season is over arguments arise on who is the best player in NBA history?  Well that is a loaded question for discussion. Why? You ask, because there is no real genuine answer only opinions.  But for my two cents there only five that fit the bill.  And on my list you won’t see the likes of Durant, Curry, George, Paul or even King James (maybe in a few more years).  No, on my short list there are the true juggernauts of the game.  Check out my list in descending order.

  •  Bill Russell – Tenacious defense and the ability to change the league makes him a legit argument for top dog ever.  Although his scoring capacity wasn’t there he was the key lynchpin in all those Celtic championships.  He was the real reason the Celts dominated in that era.  Knock and it might be true there was no real high power NBA talent in those days.
  •  Pistol Pete Maravich – For showmanship alone the Pistol belongs at least on the list of contenders. He was the real beginning of NBA ShowTime.  But with him it was watching a scoring machine and he did it from everywhere on the court.  The Pistol made every defender look silly playing against him and most nights he was unstoppable avg. 44pts in a season. Knock he played very little defense and he was a ball hog.
  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar – To be honest he is tied for second because he changed the NBA game also. His dominate force in his college years made the dunking of the ball outlawed in college and high school basketball for years.  But his ability to make any team he played for almost instant contenders maybe why he should be number two on this list. The total package! We are talking “D”, “O” and he was an unstoppable force and played well into his forties. Knock he was a head case and that is why he was never an NBA coach.
  • Wilt “The Stilt” Chamberlain – Wilt revolutionized the game of basketball. Like the dinosaurs and the dodo bird we know they existed but will never see them again.  The only reason he is not number one is, well, the talent and size of the league did not match his stature.  A guy who averaged 50 points and 20 rebounds a game for a whole season in this day and age it is supernatural.  The NBA had to widen the lanes and move back the foul line because he could leap from behind the then 10 foot foul line and dunk his foul shots.  His most herculean feat was scoring 100 points in one game.  Knock he was a varsity player playing against the freshman team.
  • The best player in NBA history – Michael Jordan – Yep I said it! At a questionable 6″6″ he was all the other four mentioned rolled into one. A showman, scorer, rebounds, defense, clutch game winner and he did it against top notch talent.  He also was a team player who made average players better.  I believe he could have played on a top 10 college team and beaten any NBA team during his prime playing years.  Knock there isn’t one.
  • Honorable mention – Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Kobe Bryant, Elgin Baylor, Jerry West and John Havlicek
  • Digital Dave’s list of the arguably best NBA player in NBA history. Send SnDD your top pick for our review and critique.



Dwight Howard

Now some of the trades may have been of his own doing he wanted to be traded but most superstars find a landing place and stay there and dominate.

Dwight Dwight Dwight, there is no reason in the world that Dwight Howard is not the best center in the NBA. He is like a builder trying to build a house and he goes in his truck and gets a shovel to hammer nails when the hammer is in his tool bag. Now it may be too late for the journeyman center. He has all the tools but can’t quite use them right and no coach in the NBA can figure out why. A snowball in hades has a better chance than he has in turning his floundering career around at 31. Poor Dwight is a few seasons from becoming a rich bench bum just picking up a check and getting a cup of coffee with any team that will take him. What a colossal waste of talent and potential. His only hope is to get picked up by one of the power house teams and contributing as a marginal role player. Maybe for the past few years he has been playing hurt I can’t figure this guy out. I am afraid to say it might just be a wash and his career is over. Sad just plain sad!


I hear the sound of screeching brakes. Here come the bandwagon people, Durant the best player on the planet! Hmmmm I don’t think so! One of the stars of the league, I agree but the best player, pleeeeeease! If he was even close he would have stayed on the Thunder and won a championship with his old team.  But Durant knew he wasn’t good enough with that team even with Westbrook to get the job done.  At best Durant is a poor man’s Scottie Pippen.  The best player on the planet can take a marginal team and make them champions in a few years. Don’t get me wrong but if you take one key player off that GS team we would be back to King James is the best player. Durant is a role player on the team at best, a gun slinger.  If I were starting a team from scratch Durant might not make the starting five.  He did a LeBron and was tired of losing switched squads and fit into a championship team. Durant is no LeBron who took a team and willed them to a championship. I don’t think he has the cache to be the best player in the league.  My starting five on my dream team would be, King James, Kyre Erving, Steph Curry, Anthony Davis and Lenard. Durant might crack seventh because I would take Westbrook as my sixth.  Hey what do you think write us and tell us your starting five on your dream team.





Who is the Greatest Basketball player on the Planet? Does He Play for the Cleveland Cavaliers or Golden State Warriors?

The torch has finally been passed. Our view of the NBA finals clearly show that when the most dominant player needed to step up for a team victory it was Kevin Durant. Durant scored inside, outside and played very good defense. Durant was an unstoppable force he made the big shots while Lebron James played steady basketball.

Durant’s skills are far superior than Lebron’s I would rate Lebron James as a better passer but since Durant’s play with the Golden State Warriors his passing has improved. The Cleveland Cavaliers have the talent to match the Warriors just to silence the naysayers who say Lebron has no help.

Lebron James is now 3-5 in championship Finals series. This is not a good record for the so-called former greatest player in the world. As for Kevin Durant you take him away from a selfish Russell Westbrook and he turns into a champion.

In order for Kevin Durant to build on his legacy, the coaching staff of the Warriors is to make Durant an even better passer and less selfish player. If Klay Thompson’s role continues to lessen than teams will back off and do more double teaming.

The torch has been passed right now I would rate Lebron James just below Kevin Durant and Steph Curry.



9 thoughts on “Sports Headlines

  1. This DD guy is clueless! Do you remember before Michael Jordan got Scottie Pippen on the Bulls the two times Jordan ‘s teams made the playoffs they were out and done in the first round. Then they got Pippen and they became champs! Take Pippen away from Jordan and Jordan probably does not have a ring. Michael Jordan – Scottie Pippen and Jordan would be nothing but a Russell Westbrook, gaudy stats and no rings.


    1. Are you kidding us put the crack pipe down. Pippen? I bet you have a life size poster over your bed of Pippen being his only fan. Put your big boy panties on and face it Jordan is the best ever.


  2. In my opinion wilt was the greatest ever. The only fault was he didn’t have the killer instinct like Jordan. He established so many records like 1oopts in a game, 33 game win streak, 55 rebounds in a game, 50pt avg. a game, never fouled out of a game, beat Jabbar in his prime while he was on the decline and still holds many records. I do think Jordan may be #2 but the big dipper is NUMERO UNO.


    1. Tin Man don’t drink the koolaid this Stone forum guy must be 12 years old and may have gone to school with Steph Curry’s daughter. All of his articles are GS propaganda. I think whatever team wins next he will be saying the MVP is the best ever. This is a case of GS rocks in the head. More like The Stone forgettable.


  3. Steve get your head out your tukus! DD is right Pippen or no Pippen Air Jordan is the best ever. Scottie had the bulls after left how far did the go? I know you were in diapers back then but at his peak Jordan could have played for any team back then and make them champs. Abdul-Jabbar 2nd.


  4. Tebow? You guys are hard up for news if you are covering Tebow. Hey fire the bum who wrote this and hire Steven A. Smith.


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