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Gentlemen, I hope you have the gonads to publish my comments. I will breakdown the reason and the solution to the Sports figure kneeling fiasco. First the protest really has everything to do with the national anthem and the flag, that’s what the kneeling is for. But the athletes have it wrong. Why? I’ll tell you to be born at all is an astronomical feat, then to be born in the right place adds another dimension. So if anyone makes it that far and being Black in America and have a chance to be a millionaire well you can see it is a most unlikely position to be in. So why go against all odds why would these fools jeopardize their unbelievable fortune. Well the answer is no leadership in their life. Black Americans must realize the odds are stacked against them simply because they are in the minority. No, I say no political faction is working to uplift Black Americans that is just the way it is. Try to be a successful Solonian in China, you can’t. My point is when you get a chance to eat at the big table you don’t blow it. There are so many other ways Black athletes can voice their opinions without losing their jobs. Right, Colin? Bottom-line they may or may not have the right according to rules the question is should they. No!! The solution is to use their good fortune and help pull up those young black guys that are getting shot. Mentor them so they won’t be in the position to get into a conflict with authorities.

Be Smart young Black men,

Kareem Rahif Salaam


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2 thoughts on “Viewers’ Comments

  1. Some of this crap on here is so silly it is funny! Good to see some different opinions. I am tired of the same old stuff on TV, radio and the internet.


    1. I think the spin on this site is refreshing and frankly they way I see things too. Especially that Digital Dave guy. I can’t wait until his tee shirt is available.


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