Stone & Digital Dave’s Worst 500 Songs of All Time

STONE & Digital Dave Top 500 Worst Songs Ever!

Image result for images of stone and digital dave on real talk fm
 Just a very strange video!
Yoko Ono Plastic Band- Bad Dancer! It certainly does not surprise anyone that Yoko has something to do with anything bad?

Just ask Beatles fans!

Just wasted talent here:


This is just one WEIRD Video:


This song Bangs Badly!

Is this really the Beatles? At their worst!

Maybe the worst song ever!!!!


The Radio Star should have killed this Video Song!


A very unpopular Dance the Watermelon Crawl!





Springsteen was drunk in the Supermarket when he wrote this song!

What is this????

99 Popped Ballons!

Still figuring what this song is about?

This sound is confusing and can’t be identified!

ARf!  Arf!



Like Gag me with a spoon like!


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