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U2 blasts Donald Trump during fiery appearance on ‘Jimmy Fallon’

U2 one of the greatest and most popular band to ever come to America chose to be of the latest famous folks to blast Donald Trump.  But, most strikingly, they discussed President Trump’s controversial decision to “wind down” DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) which protects approximately 800,000 “dreamers” — people who were brought into the country illegally as children.

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We also spoke about this on our radio show.  We also asked if he did not eliminate this when would the influx of  this illegal immigration process. To U2’s credit they are known for taking many polical stances in the past.  Not just your typical  famous liberal band seeking fame or rejuvenation of fame in choosing to blast President Trump.

Kim Kardashian goes basically bottomless for NYFW.

The liberal loving media loves to show off the natural talents of Kim Kardashian. What’s next? What’s next will they start showing Bruce Jenner in this and declare him a hero for wearing it?

Kim Kardashian goes basically bottomless for NYFWKim Kardashian goes basically bottomless for NYFW   Image result for images of bruce jenner

Kim Kardashian frequently leaves the house without pants (or shirt, or bra) — it’s her thing.

But the reality-star-and-wannabe-style-icon truly outdid herself when she attended the Daily Front Row Fashion Media Awards Friday night wearing sheer black pantyhose and — well, that’s about it. Pretty much just sheer black pantyhose, hiked up to about her ribs, showcasing her banana-sling satin panties. (OK, and a leather bandeau top and jacket. But who noticed that?)

It’s like that awful nightmare where you arrive at a fancy party or important meeting, only to realize that you’re in your underwear.

But for Kardashian, it’s no nightmare. It’s a thirst-trap dream.

The Mistress Scandals Tiger Woods Will Never Be Able To Escape.

Not only did Tiger pay to keep women quiet, but it looks like he also paid some for their services. Devon James was an escort that Tiger actually paid $4,000 for a night.

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The Greatest Basketball Player On Earth Today plays on the Cleveland Cavaliers or Golden State Warriors.

The torch has finally been passed. Our view of the NBA finals clearly show that when the most dominant player needed to step up for a team victory it was Kevin Durant. Durant scored inside, outside and played very good defense. Durant was an unstoppable force he made the big shots while Lebron James played steady basketball.

Durant’s skills are far superior than Lebron’s I would rate Lebron James as a better passer but since Durant’s play with the Golden State Warriors his passing has improved. The Cleveland Cavaliers have the talent to match the Warriors just to silence the naysayers who say Lebron has no help.

Lebron James is now 3-5 in championship Finals series. This is not a good record for the so-called former greatest player in the world. As for Kevin Durant you take him away from a selfish Russell Westbrook and he turns into a champion.

In order for Kevin Durant to build on his legacy, the coaching staff of the Warriors has to make Durant an even better passer and a less selfish player. If Klay Thompson’s role continues to lessen then teams will back off and do more double teaming.

The torch has been passed right now I would rate Lebron James just below Kevin Durant and Steph Curry.